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Imagine that you had a dream...

brigitte baranesOf a house perched above an unspoilt beach,nestled among the casuarinas… Of the spray of waves breaking upon a coral reef… Of an endless ocean as the only thing on the horizon…

And then that one day, that dream became a reality.… At the end of a long journey, across many seas
and oceans, I chanced upon la Maison d’Été at last. Was it providence or destiny? This was it, the house I’d always dreamed of, my very own ‘campement’ on the edge of the lagoon, as they say in Mauritius.

For five years now, la Maison d’Été has been my point of anchor, my place of reference, my home. Each and every day, my enduring bond with this island is strengthened anew. This island that, with its luxuriant nature, poetic place names and sunny and generous people, is simply unlike any other…

The Mauritian way of life, its people’s legendary kindness, and the ethnic and cultural diversity that is reflected in its extraordinary lifestyle continue to enchant me and to evoke the imaginary paradises that I dreamt up as a child. We must live our dreams and dream up our lives…

A joy that I experience every day at la Maison d’Été.

Brigitte Baranès

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